King’s University Student Blessing

0 Posted by - March 2, 2015 - NRH Campus

This is my second year at the King’s University in Southlake, Texas, I knew God called me here and I have been working a full time job as a restaurant manager to pay the bills and tuition. I was making ends meet but that was about it, only being able to make minimal payments on my car and pulling out student loans to make up the rest. On top of this I am turning 26 this year meaning that as I come off of my parents insurance the price for full coverage on a car would go up immensely. A couple from the NRH Campus called me up and wanted to take me to dinner, thinking nothing of it, I accepted, grateful for a free nice meal. As we ate they told me about “Bless a Life” and that they felt God had called them to help out a student at the King’s and that God had told them to pay off my car! What a blessing and a relief to have someone come up to me and not only pay off the car which was a mental burden but also as an affirmation that God had indeed called me to go to King’s and pursue a life serving Him through serving others! I am beyond blessed and thank God and the people at Gateway who are open and listening for the voice of God.

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