Each One, Teach One

1 Posted by - March 9, 2015 - Souhtlake Campus

I was at the mall shopping up a storm, then I realized that I had not “Blessed A Life.” I started asking God what could I do. I wasn’t hearing anything. (Being that I am a giver by nature and I just give when I feel the unction, I realized that I was over thinking it.) I continued walking through the mall and I could see the Girl Scout table in the distance. Boy, I could taste those Lemonades (which I didn’t need). That’s when it hit me! I bought a pack for myself and I bought a pack for someone else. The catch was that I told the little girls working the table that they were to choose who received the other package of cookies (and that they were free to swap the flavor, of course). You should’ve seen the excitement in their eyes; they were so excited about participating. While I forgot to invite them to church and explain the Blessed Life, the seed was planted and others had the gift of giving demonstrated before their eyes and were able to experience the joy that comes with it.

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