God’s Provision is Not Dependent on My Performance

0 Posted by - March 9, 2015 - Souhtlake Campus

In my school of ministry I was selected to go on a trip to Israel. For this trip I had to raise over 3 thousand dollars. By my first deadline of raising half of the funds, I had raised maybe 700 dollars. But in the last 8 hours, God in his goodness brought in over 2 thousand dollars! And the thing was, I wasn’t living a perfect life! Just a few days before, I had to confess a lie I had told to my best friend in order to get what I wanted. I sinfully lied to manipulate and I had to repent and make it right by the Holy Spirit’s conviction. I didn’t think I would go on the trip because of my sinfulness but God’s promises are not dependent on my performance. He rocks!!

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