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Recently, I went to McDonalds to sit and read Pastor Robert’s book The Blessed Life. I sat down at a long booth with a lady I didn’t know on my left and a very busy man on my right that I also didn’t know. I laid the book flat on the table and began to read where I had last left off. When I got to the top of page 67, I read these words; “The message of Jesus’s sermon is give! Give to those who ask of you.” The second I read the last word, another man sitting about 18 feet from me said; “Hey, hey, I need a dollar.” I looked up and the man was coming toward me. He walked up to me and said, “I need a dollar for the bus.” As I reached for my wallet, I looked into his eyes and noticed how clear they were and how sweet his face appeared to me. I handed him the money and he began to thank me. Then the words just leaped out of my mouth; “Man, you aren’t going to believe what just happened.” Then I read him the exact words I had been reading before he hollered at me and began to share that only God could have set that up. As I began to feel God’s presence fall in that little moment, I explained how much God loved him. The man got it. The love of God was all over him. As the man left, I was filled with such thanksgiving for God’s divine “set-up ” As for the other two folks sitting next to me, they sure got to witness a McBlessing. Thank God today for His divine set-ups.

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