Blessed to Be Able to Bless a Stranger’s Life

0 Posted by - March 13, 2015 - Souhtlake Campus

I was in the waiting area of the tire shop reading on my phone when I saw an employee talking to another customer about her tires. Three of the four were in very bad condition. The third one was drivable for a short period of time. What struck me was how kind the employees were being to her as they could see how stressed she was about being able to afford them. The manager joined in and asked her how much she could afford and she seemed embarrassed to say and he told her that it wasn’t safe for her to drive away on those tires. He asked again how much she could afford and he would try and find a way to help her. She said $100. Then a tow truck driver came in for his payment for getting her car there. He also was being so kind and respectful to this woman. I was amazed at how these men were helping her and felt God telling me to join in and care for this stranger. This stranger who looked like she was holding back tears and had stress showing in her face. This woman was being allowed to keep her dignity by the way the tow truck driver and shop employees were treating her and trying to keep her safe. I saw the young man come from the back and get on the computer with the manager while they discussed what they had in stock and how they could get tires on her car for $100. I knew what God wanted me to do. I went up to the counter and paid the difference between the amount it was going to be to get her 4 new tires and the $100 that she had. I told the employees that I did not mind if she knew that someone had helped, but I did not want her to know who it was. I told the young man ringing me up that we all have been in that woman’s shoes and if you’re blessed, pass it on. As I walked away from the counter, another young man called my name and said that my car was ready. He apologized that it was in a parking spot and not at the door. He called the wrong name the first time and thought I wasn’t there. I had to chuckle to myself that I didn’t get my car when it was ready … God had to stall until I heard him call me to Bless A Life.

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